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February Vacation, some time off finally!

Posted by 4pawsforalex on February 21, 2009 at 6:34 AM

              I guess I didn't get back to post photos like I said last time.  No worries, I already posted them before updating the blog.  Take a look.
     Since the last time posting Honor has been working hard, going to school when there is school of course (there have been many days off due to snow this year).
     Alex has been doing really well; the last known seizure we witnessed was December 18th, and before that Thanksgiving weekend.  We don't know why, but we'll take it.  We go to the doctor again in April, I guess we will ask about having Alex monitored again to see if his seizure patterns are changing, and if they are maybe we can reduce his medicine.

     The day we got home, Brady & Bro were staying at friends/relatives houses while we were gone.  Brady was staying with Deanna's brother and Bro was staying with a close family friend who had two dogs herself.  That night Honor went around sniffing the environment looking for the other dogs.  Luckily he did not try to mark his territory if you know what I mean.

     The next day we introduced Bro & Brady to Honor and vice versa.  All Bro wanted to do was play after all he is a puppy.  Brady on the other hand was a little more reserved.  When Honor tried to play with him, he growled.  In fact today, Brady is kind of the referee between the two puppies.  Calling Honor a puppy doesn't seem right because of his size, but he loves to play with Bro, in fact picking him up by the scruff of the neck and flinging him a few feet.  We have tried to limit this activity correcting Honor when needed.  The problem isn't Honor it is Bro, he keeps coming back for more nipping at Honor.  All in good fun I guess.

     We will need to take a video of Honor playing outside especially in the snow.  He loves playing with Milk jugs, chasing them when the fall out of his mouth.  He also is very fond of fetch.  We try to limit Honor's indoor play because of his size but every now and then when we are playing with Brady and Bro, Honor gets into the mix.

     The other dogs have adapted well to Honor, in fact since we now have Honor and "he" can get no human food only dog food, we have shown some tough love to Brady and Bro only giving them Dog food.  What a concept giving Dogs dog food, why didn't we think of that.  I guess it was just too easy letting Brady get any leftovers from the kids.  Since we knew we were getting Honor when we got Bro (Jen's Dog) we only fed him dog food from the start.

     I guess that is all I have right now.  We will try to get back here more often; it is just tough with all the everyday hustle & bustle.

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