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Sorry it has taken so long to get here, but everday life took over once we got home.

Posted by 4pawsforalex on December 20, 2008 at 12:59 AM

Hi Folks,

This one is going to be a long one since we haven't posted in so long.

     Last time we posted we were still at 4 Paws, graduating.  The next day we left for home departing the hotel ~9:30AM.  We made an area in the back of the SUV for Honor to lay down.  He was excellent traveling in the car.  Every few hours we stopped for a rest break.  The GPS told us to take the northern route back home (via Rte 80), the scenery was less varied than on the way to Ohio, (we took Rte 78 southern Pennsylvania) but it was a long 10 days so we were glad to be heading home.

     We stayed in Northern Pennsylvania on the way back at a Comfort Inn, we stopped for the night around 5PM, the hotel was being renovated so we could not let the kids go swimming one last time before we got home. 

     The next morning we took Honor out to the complimentary breakfast area where we encountered our first issue having a service dog.  The Kitchen lady said no pets are allowed in the breakfast area, which was kind of ironic since on the Hotel check-in document it indicated no pets were allowed except service dogs.  Not wanting to rock the boat on our first day, Deanna took Honor back to the room while the kids and I finished breakfast. 

     When Deanna was checking out (I was re-packing the car) she asked to speak to the manager, she is not shy you know.  She indicated that she wanted to see the check-in document so she could point out the error in their ways.  At this point the manager was verr apologetic indicting she was unware the "Honor" was a service dog.  How could she not, he had his harness and service dog patch on.  After that we got in the car and headed on the last leg of the trip.  The GPS indicated that we would be getting home around 3PM, then 4PM after we stopped for lunch. 

     Little did we know at the time of the troble we would run into later in the day.  I had driven the previous day and from Pennsylvania to New York when we stopped to let Honor do his business.  At this point Deanna said she wanted to drive the remainder of the way home.  I didn't care so I let her drive, we reached Hartford at ~3:15PM just 45 minutes from home when I told Deanna to travel in the "Car-pool" lane since we were car pooling.  No sooner did we enter the lane did Deanna say now that we are in this lane how do we get out of it.  I said that there were exits off the highway from this lane, she said "What would happen if we got a flat tire where would we stop?" All of a sudden there was a loss of tire pressure in the rear passenger tire.  Of course it was all my fault because I told her to get in that travel lane.  I still contend it was because she said "What if we got a flat tire" (See the pciture in the photo gallery)

     We called AAA for roadside assistance, Honor had to move to the front seat so I could get access to the jack and lower the spare tire.  AAA said it would take ~45min to an hour to dispatch someone to us.  I started lowering the spare tire having to move a bunch of stuff out of the way.  I could not lower the tire easily because to do that I would have had to empty the back of the SUV, so I could only do a partial turn of the lowering bolt.  After about 20-30 minutes lowering the tire, I got the tire out from under the SUV.  Just at that point the AAA guy showed up.  At this point of course I would take the help, he used his hydraulic jack and impact wrench to remove the flat and mount the spare.  In less than 10 minutes from that point we were on our way.  It is nice to have the correct tools for the job.

     We got home and luckily Deanna's sister "Penny" was there to help us carry stuff into the house, which we were very grateful for since it was a long day.  That first night we let Honor smell the house and get acquainted with the environment before we introduced "Brady" and "Bro" our other dogs.

     The next day, we cleaned-up the house a little bit and anxiously awaited Brady and Bro's introduction to Honor.  Within the first few minutes we could tell that Honor and Bro would be very playful together and Brady would be the referee and break-up some of the rowdiness of the other two primarily by barking at Honor.   Sometimes Honor likes to play a little to rough with Bro, he does not realize his size and sometimes tramples Bro.  But Bro is very resilient and nips at Honor in a playful manner.

     We will be posting pictures tomorrow.

     For the first week or so Honor stayed with Mom during the school day, with Mom slowly introducing Honor to Alex's class and school and Alex's aide at school.  I am sure Mom can elaborate on this more on this topic.

     Well that is all for tonight, we will add another entry tomorrow.

Until tomorrow,

Alex's Dad

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